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Man Sushi – Sushi is nice, bacon is better !!

May 4, 2015

This has been ages since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve  been busy writing on my technical blog : and some other work related stuff. But I still have this great passion for food, cooking and most of all sharing it with friends and family.

I have several women in my life – my lovely wife and a few daughters – and they all love Sushi. May be my wife’s opinion is a bit moderated, but heck she’s been married with me for so long and I guess this is the kind of influence I get to have after all these years.

To make a man like me happy, all you need is bacon, meat, a BBQ and more bacon. This is what this recipe is about…

Sushi is nice but bacon is better

I don’t get all the fuss about Sushi. I’ve had some really nice one, and the one I’ve been seen on the movies Jiro Dreams of Sushi looks really really tasteful. But most of the time, when I agree with my daughters and take them out for “running Sushi” it’s really crappy fish (mostly salmon and shrimps) heartlessly packed into rice and rolled in some green stuff. Served with wasabi paste out of a tube and ready to be dipped into some cheap soy sauce. Really nothing that can excite my taste buds !!

So I was really excited when I saw a video about a guy making sushi-like rolls from bacon, grounded beef and cheese. So here it comes:

Régis Dreams of Sushi


For one roll (6 slices):

– One pack of sliced bacon

– 500 gr of grounded beef (4-10% fat)

-Spices for the meat

– 80 gr Emmental or Mozaralla (or any kind of tasty melting chesee)

-BBQ sauce and a pensel

Start the BBQ as this baby will need indirect warm from charcoal

On a bamboo sushi mat (or a sheet of oven proof paper) line the bacon slices side by side tight to each other.


In a bowl, mix the grounded beef with your favorite spice mix or dry rub

Lay the meat on the bacon flattening it out with the palm of your hand and your fingers until the bacon is completely covered. Leave 1 centimeter of bacon in each end uncovered to make sure that it will close nicely


Once it is done and add sticks of cheese so it goes across the bacon from left to right. I used Emmental but I guess Mozarella will do nicely also.


Now comes the most difficult part, even though it is quite easy anyway…The rolling

Using the mat or the paper, roll the bacon tightly starting with the end where the cheese is until it is completely rolled into a tasty roll of meat and cheese stuffed bacon.


When the BBQ is warm put the roll onto indirect warm and put some BBQ sauce on it with a brush.  The BBQ temperature should be around 200 C (I laid it on tin paper to avoid it sticking to the grill). I guess using an oven will also do nicely. I have to try that on a rainy day…

Leave it there for 10 minutes and flip it, brush it with more sauce and wait another 10 minutes.


When ready Cut in slices and enjoy !!


This turned out real tasty and could be served as bacon rolls with some nice string beans and a glass of Côtes du Rhône. No rice, lots of protein and umami from the bacon and cheese !!

That much taste that it convinced me to revive this long-neglected blog…

Bon appétit !!

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