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May 9, 2011

Frittata is an egg-based dish similar to an omelette or quiche which is enriched with different ingredients – meat, cheese, pasta, vegetables. It is flavoured with herbs.

Still getting a lot of eggs from those crazy chickens of ours I’m looking for recipes with a lot of eggs in it ! I’ve previously written about Ramequins as one of the means to get those eggs used.

Having over 25 fresh eggs in the fridge I decided to go looking for a delightful (which at this particular point in time meant  : easy, tasteful, and appreciated by all).

The choice fell on the Frittata which is a kind of omelette but with enough differences to get its own name !

1) There is always at least one optional ingredient i a Frittata. One can’t get Frittata nature !

2) The ingredients are mixed with the beaten egg mixture while it is raw.

3) The mixture is cooked on a very-low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes until the underside is still but the top is still runny.

4) The Frittata is not fold to enclose the contents but is turned over in full and even briefly grilled to set the top layer.

As Delia Smith described it. The Frittata is Italy’s answer to an open-face omelette.
This is the recipe for a Frittata with potatoes, rosmarin, timian, peppermint and chives. But you can make it with i.e squash, scallions. Tomatoes and chicken lever or pecorino and salsiccia or asparagus, roquette and mushrooms…your imagination combined with the contents of you fridge being the limit….


  • 6 frish eggs from ethically raised chickens.
  • 500 gr potatoes – We are in the high season for new potatoes so I picked those. But Bintje, Yukon or Vildmose will do depending on where in the world you prepare your Frittata ! Peeled and dices in 2 cm pieces.
  • 1 onion – peeled and sliced
  • Herbs – 2 branches rosemary, 2 branches thyme and 2 branches mint – chopped
  • 4 tablespoons grated emmentalcheddargruyere or mozarella. Depending on which cheese you have at hand.
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  • 10 gr butter.
  • A frying pan which can come into the oven (max 180 degrees) or a skillet
Serves 4
Warm up the oven at 180 degrees / 356 F
Come the olive oil in a pan and warm it up.
Come the potatoes and the onion in the warm oil and gently for 10 min or until golden.
Mix the eggs. Add the cheese. Mix. Add the potatoes and onion. Mix. add the herbs and Mix !
Put the butter in a frying pan on medium-high heat. When the butter starts foaming pour in the egg-mixture.
Fry until the egg mixture on the side of the frying pan gets coloured (yellow-eggish…)
Put the pan in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. the Frittata will become golden and raise, raise, raise in the oven (its not a soufflé though).
If you’re so lucky of having chives or timian flowers you can decorate the dish with them but anything else will do too….and serve right away….
Enjoy with a chilled Pinot noir !
Remarks :
Be generous on the herbs !

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