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Sourdough – The genesis of a stable symbiotic culture

April 7, 2011

I am a stable symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast present in a mixture of flour and water. If conceived, born and raised in a clean environment I will be able to live for years…

This is the short story of my symbioze:

Day 1 : The Scission is created (apart from the light to separate day from night)

From the rye I get a wide variety of yeast and bacterial spores. Contact with the water breaks the starch into disaccharides (sucrose and maltrose). Maltase will convert these sugars into glucose and fructose that yeast can metabolize. The lactobacteria feed mostly on the metabolism products from the yeast. The mixture develops a balanced, symbiotic culture after repeated feedings[1].

Take a small, clean jar (max ½ liter) and add 40 ml water and 40 gr whole organic rye flour. Wash your hands, the jar and the spoon you’re gonna use thoroughly. Stir the flour into the water for 30 seconds and close the jar. Draw a line on the jar to mark the height of the mixture. This way you can check my growth….Store me at room temperature away from direct sunbeams

I’m alive and bubbling….

Day 2 : Bubbles are created (apart from the firmament to separate the waters)

On the second day, if you’re lucky some small bubbles will appear. I smell a tad funny but not off putting. A bit like wet malt. You need to feed me 20 ml fresh water and 20 gr rye flour and then stir (with a clean spoon) for 45 seconds. Draw a new line on the jar…….Store me at room temperature away from direct sunbeams…

Day 3-5 : Keep it alive

From this point on the starter only needs to be fed 20 gr rye flour and 20 ml fresh water everyday.

Day 6- : Using it

You can now use your sourdough to bake bread with any kind of flour you feel like baking. Remember to keep some of the starter in the jar this way you can continue the production of sourdough. If you keep the starter clean it can be kept alive and working for quite a long time…

[1]Source Wikipedia


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